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Gears of War For $44

I just pulled the trigger on Gears of War, after about a week of staring at various prices. The reason: Google made me an offer I could not refuse. Google Checkout is taking $20 off almost anything over $50 at a bunch of shops, including, which makes the $60 Gears of War just $44.39, including shipping. Who could resist?

Other things you can pick up (before shipping):

  • Obviously, any $60 game for $40
  • Rainbow Six Vegas for $35.79
  • Xbox Live Wireless Headset for $35.74
  • Wireless controller for $35.74 (after $10 discount)
  • Wired Controller $25.32
  • Wifi adapter for $79.99
  • Xbox Live Gold 12-months subscription + wired headset + Live Arcade game + 200 Microsoft Points for $39.99
  • Xbox 360 Hard Drive for $79.99
  • Xbox Live Vision Gold Pack (Vision camera + headset + 12 months Live Gold + 3 Live Arcade games + 200 MS Points) - $51.02

In other Gears of War news, the game has sold an amazing 1 million copies already, easilly on track to be the top-selling 360 game yet. Microsoft’s Gamerscore blog reports:

The battle continues to rage on Xbox Live as well, as more than 850,000 unique gamers have engaged in 10 million gameplay sessions while unlocking an impressive 7 million Achievements. On top of being the #1 title on Xbox Live, “Gears of War” has also driven new members to the network, as paid registrations per day have skyrocketed more than 50 percent since the game’s launch.

More at Kotaku and Major Nelson

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