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Gears Of War Makes “Mad World” Popular

It looks like the haunting and very successful Gears of War ad that featured Gary Jules’ cover of “Mad World” propelled the 2001 song into the number one spot in the iTunes music store, at least temporarily. Joystiq reports, via Gearheads of War, that yesterday, “Mad World” was #1 at iTMS, despite no significant recent promotion of the song, save for the ad.

Two things to take from this: The Gears of War ad has to be on some lists for the top ads of the year, at least in some category. Also, the power of video games as an entertainment medium is just amazing. One of these days, a game is going to release a Billboard #1 soundtrack (although it won’t be a hardcore game). Someone needs to find a way to design a breakaway non-hardcore game hit, an “American Pie” for the games industry, that can be popular with all sorts of teenagers, and sell a lot of soundtracks, besides moving a few million units.

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November 27th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gears of War | one comment
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  1. That’s called the power of exposition! ;)

    The ad is nice though too.

    Comment by Markus | 11/28/2006

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