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Microsoft’s 3D RSS Reader For Vista


Microsoft’s “The Panel” features UniveRSS, a 3D RSS reader for Windows Vista. UniveRSS uses the Windows Presentation Foundation and the common feed list, displaying RSS feeds as cubes in a galaxy environment. The size of each cube indicates the number of items, and users can navigate in all dimensions to view the latest updates. It’s an early version, and there’s a lot more planned. Read up.


I can’t get it to run in Vista RC1, so if anyone wants to offer any suggestions, go right ahead.
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November 28th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Applications, Windows, Vista | one comment
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  1. Wow. An ingenious idea! Maybe you could make main-level folders/cubes with the sub-folders inside each of them an option, and leave them in different spots in the galaxy. Eg. one main mini-galaxy for gaming sites, and even there may be different types of gaming sites, so they each have their own main folder within the Games cube/folder! And then the tech sites can have their own main cube along with your own custom hierarchy of folders & sites with RSS feeds inside them.

    Secondly, you could put a name tag onto or somewhere near the folders/cubes so that we could type in our first name or a dictionary word like Games, Tech, etc…, plus coloured options for them like a variant of pink colour for a girl’s girly/feminine cube folder, and more!

    Comment by ObiKKa | 12/1/2006

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