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Another FUD Vista Story

Peter Galli talks about a Softchoice Corp. study that says 94% of the average PCs in North America are not able to run Windows Vista Premium, while about half don’t meet the regular requirements for Vista.

Well, gee, isn’t that about expected?

I mean, Microsoft created Windows Vista Business specifically so that companies wouldn’t have to install Premium, and wouldn’t have to deal with its higher requirements for features businesses don’t need. Who cares if business PCs can’t run Windows Media Center? The fact that half of all businesses already meet the requirements for Vista is a good enough deal, since rollout of Vista will take years anyway, so its a big enough start.

I hate stories that “prove” something about Windows by using the wrong version. “Blahblah Group released the results of a study that proved businesses who upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate will pay three times more than Windows XP, four times if they buy a blender or coffee maker”.

December 7th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Windows, Vista | one comment
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  1. I bet most people will wait sometime until moving to Vista …

    Comment by Markus | 12/7/2006

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