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Vista Cap-erpillar

Long Zheng held some sort of contest where the prize were Windows Vista caps, and he ran a post showing off all the wonderful caps on his floor, as some sort of giant cap worm, or a cap-erpillar!

(yes, I may have clipped out Long’s carpet and edited in a scene from the really cute Curious George movie)

Jeez, I hope he doesn’t get screwed on shipping charges for all of those caps. Free stuff for contests can cost you in actually sending the things out. How much should it cost to ship 100 individual caps?

December 7th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Blogs | one comment

Office 2007 Mac Converters Coming In A Few Months

Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit announced Tuesday that their timetable has them releasing file converters to read Office 2007 file formats in older Mac versions of Office sometime this Spring, probably late March/early April.

While this is a little later than most users would like, given that Office will be on store shelves the end of January, the announcement was in response to some alarmist articles suggesting that Mac Office users were being screwed, when these file converters had been promised months ago. Note the coverage on TechMeme, and how hard it is to get out the honest message when everyone is yelling about the sky falling. Joe Wilcox calls this “The Pointless Converter Debate”.

Until the converters do show up, here’s my suggestion: If you are sharing Office 2007 files with a Mac Office colleague, save two copies of each file, one in an older, Office 2003/XP format. Then, since all the Office 2007 files are secretly ZIP files, place the backwards compatible copy in the ZIP of the 2007 copy (by changing the file extension to ZIP, adding the file, and changing it back), and share just the single copy. Just make sure to explain to your Mac buddy how to get his copy. It’s a little extra work, but you did know that being an early adopter comes with a few hoops, right?

Now, if Microsoft made this an option in the Save As dialog, they’d be saving everyone some time and headaches.
(via Todd Bishop)

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Another FUD Vista Story

Peter Galli talks about a Softchoice Corp. study that says 94% of the average PCs in North America are not able to run Windows Vista Premium, while about half don’t meet the regular requirements for Vista.

Well, gee, isn’t that about expected?

I mean, Microsoft created Windows Vista Business specifically so that companies wouldn’t have to install Premium, and wouldn’t have to deal with its higher requirements for features businesses don’t need. Who cares if business PCs can’t run Windows Media Center? The fact that half of all businesses already meet the requirements for Vista is a good enough deal, since rollout of Vista will take years anyway, so its a big enough start.

I hate stories that “prove” something about Windows by using the wrong version. “Blahblah Group released the results of a study that proved businesses who upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate will pay three times more than Windows XP, four times if they buy a blender or coffee maker”.

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Xbox Live Up 80% Since Gears Of War

Sandvine Incorporated, which monitors broadband networking equipment, reports that since Gears of War was released November 7, traffic to Xbox Live has increased an impressive 80%. Some of that period includes the start of the Xbox Live Video Marketplace, so not all of it can be attributed to Gears, but any time you can claim an 80% increase over a previous month, you have a lot worth bragging about. I wouldn’t be surprised if retail sales of consoles and software saw a similar increase over the last month.

According to estimates from (which gathers data from public analyst reports and news stories), here is how the console have looked over the last month:


(via Joystiq)

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