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Windows Live Book Search Launched


Microsoft launched Windows Live Book Search, its search engine for books they have scanned. Unlike Google Book Search, Microsoft is adopting an opt-in program for publishers, only scanning books they have permission for (check out the publisher portal). That is definitely the way to go, given that Google has only inspired lawsuits and anger from the publisher community. Microsoft has books from the libraries of the Universities of California and Toronto, Cornell University and Kirtas Technologies.

The site features a nice interface, with two panes, images of the scans of the book, searching within the book you are already looking at, and even downloading full PDFs of the book if it is in the Internet Archive. Google just unveiled a new interface for its book search, one that puts the book on most of the webpage and scrolls through the entire book, not loading pages seperately as Windows Live does (almost like the Adobe Reader interface). Microsoft should take some cues from it for release 2.

Richard MacManus says Google and Microsoft’s services both suck, because they offer nothing useful on recent books, and no social aspects for seeing what people say about the books.
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