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Microsoft Hires Jon Udell For “Scoble-like” Evangelism

Microsoft may have found its big public voice to fill the void left when Scoble fled the company for the big startup dream: Jon Udell. Jon is well-known from his work for Infoworld, and his stuff is sometimes the only thing I read in the whole magazine, and he will now be doing evangelism, with possibly some stuff at Channels 9 and/or 10. Jon’s InfoWorld blog was the 1,347th on Technorati, and his new blog (which may be here), if he grabs the torch and responsibility as Scoble did, is guaranteed to get some big numbers and notice. Jon, the focus is on you, and good luck.

Jon’s announcement
Jeff Sandquist’s happy announcement (Jeff told me via email a day after the hire, last month, that they had filled the position with “a very interesting external candidate”. If I only knew how interesting…)
Alex Barnett
Dare Obasanjo

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Amazon’s Big Deal: $90 Zune!


Amazon is doing another major holiday deal, and this time it is Microsoft’s Zune that will clearly be the number one vote getter. Amazon will sell 1,000 Zune’s for just $90, a $160 savings off standard retail, but this time you have to vote to get the deal. If you vote (and voting closes in 145 minutes), you come back anytime on Tuesday to find out if you’ve been randomly selected to get the deal (this is to prevent a rush bringing down the site). What a great deal! And lets be honest, even if you don’t want the Zune, eBay does at some sort of profit.

If you don’t get the deal in time, Amazon’s current everyday price for the Zune is $230, twenty bucks off the regular price.

If I don’t get the Zune, I’m hopping on the Roboreptile. Amazon usually makes the runner-ups available at double, or in this case $40, so I can get that thing on the cheap. The Roboreptile is the best robot pet I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been dying to have one for two months.

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Halo 3 Commercial (Obsessive) Analysis

If you’re like me, you know Halo 3 is a big deal for the video game industry, but you don’t know any of the details. That means you watched the much-anticipated 1-minute “Starry Night” commercial and said, “Cool, but what was special about it, besides the graphics?” gets into the minor details of the clip (although without any context for newbies, natch), so watch their 13 minute video analysis of the 1 minute clip, memorize two sentences, and sound like an expert on the message boards in the morning.

Video embedded here, or see it at

(via Joystiq > Xbox 360 Fanboy)

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