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Microsoft’s History of Internet Explorer has a history of Internet Explorer that goes all the way up to the present IE7 (well, actually its more than six months behind, but it is close enough). You can read about and see screenshots of Internet Explorer 1 (part of the Internet Jumpstart Kit in Windows 95 Plus!), IE2 (for PC and Mac), IE3 (MIDI support!), IE4 (Active Desktop, blech), IE5 (adding XML support), IE5.5, IE6, IE6 SP2, and IE7. Personally, I can’t wait for IE8, which hopefully has more features over IE7 than Firefox 3 will have over Firefox 2.
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December 14th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Firefox, Internet Explorer, Applications, General | one comment

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  1. I can’t believe it… I think I’ve used every version since v2.

    This brings back memories of buggy dial-up connections, though =/

    I think the first browser I’ve been using a lot was Netscape 3.02, iirc. I can still remember it took ages to start - this was back in the day when I probably didn’t realize:

    1) There were multiple browsers;
    2) Different browsers could give different results. Wait - I did know that, based on the graphics in my awesome HTML3.0 book :-D
    3) You could right click on an image to save it… I actually sent a guy an e-mail over it, from my Very First mail account.

    Nostalgia. Heh.

    Comment by Tim | December 14, 2006

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