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Windows Live Local Improves Interface

Two changes in Live Local today, both making the interface that much better to use. First, they’ve completely changed the birds-eye (3/4) view, getting rid of the thumbnail selection and letting you drag on a mini-mapto get the birds-eye of a location. Also, if you drag to the end of a birds-eye area, it will at least try to jump to the next image, which works well more often than it doesn’t.

The second change involves improvements to the drawing tools. Now, when you draw on the map, you see the distance involved, great for planning or reviewing jogging/walking/biking routes or generally measuring out anything. Need a route for running five miles in the morning? Just start drawing till the distances add up.

More info at the Live Local blog (where these screenshots originated), via LiveSide.

December 15th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Local, Live, Windows, General | no comments

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