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Microsoft To Use Baidu In China

Microsoft and Baidu have announced a partnership for Baidu to provide web search technology to Microsoft in China. In this case, Baidu will provide paid search advertising to MSN and Windows Live sites in China. Considering Microsoft’s search play is as much about stopping Google as it is about making money for Microsoft, boosting Google’s strong competition in China (Baidu is winning in that country, now one of the top sites on the planet) is just as effective as winning China.

Microsoft and Baidu today announced a strategic alliance on paid search services, which will officially commence in December 2006. As a result of this strategic alliance, Microsoft will display Baidu’s paid search listings on the search results pages of certain Microsoft websites, including MSN, Live, and other partner websites in China.

“Microsoft is committed to bringing innovative online services and software, including search services, to Chinese Internet users,” said Erik Johnson, General Manager, Microsoft Online Services Group, Greater China. “China is one of our most important markets and the strategic alliance with Baidu will help us provide new opportunities for advertisers which will further enhance our search business in China.”

“Baidu’s partnership with Microsoft recognizes the huge potential and rate of growth of the Chinese online search market”, said David Zhu, COO of Baidu. “We are delighted to share our rich business experience and channel resources with our partners and contribute to the overall development of the Chinese search market.”

(via Todd Bishop)

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Windows Live’s Top Searches Of 2006

Microsoft has published the list of top searches of 2006 on Windows Live Search. Amazingly, the top search was soccer star “Ronaldinho”, which gives you an idea of Microsoft’s strong international audience, especially in Latin America. Beyond that, you have the usual Shakira/Paris/Britney, while 2006’s biggest gainer was the year’s fastest-growing social network, Bebo.

The top news story of the year? Natalee Holloway, followed by Steve Irwin, and then, oh yeah, something of actual consequence: Iraq. Meanwhile, in the top products category, the iPod took third place, followed by the Xbox 360 in 4th. Nope, the amazing splendiferous Zune did not place. Maybe next year.

Read the whole list at the Live Search blog.

December 17th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Search, Windows, Live | 2 comments