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Zune Demand Respectable, About Half Of iPod has done analysis of “demand” for the Zune, basing it on traffic to online retailers Zune sales pages, and shows that after an initial boost that pushed the Zune to near-iPod levels, Microsoft’s player has settled in at just under half the demand for the full-size iPod, or a quarter of that for the iPod Nano. Considering the product is brand new to the market, and, blogosphere aside, has not had a lot of build-up, this is a very promising start for the Zune.

I don’t think it is unreasonable to say that, barring some other company coming out with a killer product, the Zune will be a solid number two in the MP3 player market before the next holiday season. Version 2 of the Zune is going to be a highly-anticipated product, based on that sort of credibility. The Zune isn’t perfect, but it looks like Microsoft has created a serious competitor and infused some life into the market. Lets see what bombshell Apple head prepared to combat them.
(via Paul Kedrosky)

December 18th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Apple, Windows Media, Zune | one comment
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  1. Slashdot is giving it a different spin, and I’d tend to agree with /. more in this case… Perhaps the percentage of people buying the iPod after looking at it higher than with the Zune?

    Comment by Tim | 12/18/2006

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