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New Universal Video Gadget And Other Gadgets

Microsoft has done some more Gadgets for Windows Live Spaces (and anyone who knows how to hack the embed code).

The first Gadget is for embedding videos in you Live Space. While you can already embed such videos, this Gadget lets you place them in the Sidebar or anywhere you can place a Gadget. Plus, it works on, so you can use it to put a video anywhere on your homepage. It works with basically any embed code (MSN Soapbox, YouTube, Google Video, IFilm, Yahoo Video), so you have a lot of flexibility.

Next up is a Flickr Gadget which lets you input a Flickr RSS feed or a set of keywords to see a Flickr slideshow. I can’t figure out how to use this one in a blog, since it requires configuration (and as yet, the embed hack doesn’t allow for that).

Finally, they’ve released an improved HTML sandbox Gadget, the one that lets you insert raw HTML (and usually works real well). Since lots of other platforms have ways of embedding their Gadgets externally, you can use this Gadget to put, say, a Google Gadget on your Microsoft blog page. Good deal.

Also, the Soapbox guys have launched Messenger integration. You can now click a “Share” tab under a Soapbox video to IM the video, and it will launch a special activity video in Messenger where you watch an enlarged video, which chatting at the same time.

ALSO, you can now send instant messages to Santa by adding “” to you Windows Live Messenger contact list. I’m guessing its a bot, but feel free to use it to make your kids happy the day before Christmas. On the other hand, don’t, because Santa might promise some gifts “he” can’t afford.
(this one via Download Squad)

December 21st, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Live, Soapbox, Messenger, Spaces, MSN, Windows, General | no comments

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