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Win A Free Year Of Windows Live OneCare

LiveSide is running a contest that will gift five lucky readers/bloggers with a free 1-year subscription to Windows Live OneCare. Winners will get a whole year of the service, which provides antivirus, firewall, and backup for up to three computers and is a free upgrade to next month’s release of OneCare 1.5. To win, you’ll need to link to the contest blog post with “Why You’d Like Santa To Visit You”, tag it with “Windows Live OneCare Competition”, and do it before tomorrow to be one of the 5 chosen at random.

It looks like thus far there are only four entries, so as long as you enter, you’ll have a huge shot at winning. Hell, I’ll enter, just because it’s there:

    Why I Want Santa To Visit Me

    So he’ll set off the alarm and scare the hell out of my wife, and have to run from my dog (who barks at every visitor). Also, so I can get a pony. A pink pony!

    If you really think about it, Santa is like an intruder. Like the kind of intrusions that cost computer owners and IT departments millions of dollars a year. And the only way to block against intruders is with Windows Live OneCare, which will safeguard your PC against all kinds of threats, both the super-dangerous and the super-jolly.

If you don’t win, a year costs just twenty bucks on Amazon. Best deal in the security industry.

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Live Local Add More 3D Cities

Windows Live Local Fashion Island Orange County

The Map Room blog reports that there’s a lot more to look at now in Microsoft’s Windows Live Local. They’ve added new 3D textured buildings in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, Tacoma, Washington, Irving, Texas, Sacramento, California and some more suburbs of LA, including Irvine and Newport Beach. They’ve also added imagery and terrain for Italy, as part of a recent agreement with a Norwegian pictometry company.
(Found on Findory)

The picture above is Fashion Island in Orange County California. Pretty damn cool.

December 24th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Local, Live, Windows, General | one comment

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New Halo 3 Video Features Brutes

Bungie released a new video showing off the Brutes, a class of character that will take a far more prominent role in next year’s hotly anticipated Halo 3. The video really shows off the interesting ideas the developers have come up with for the Brutes, which were previously more like dumb, lumbering creatures, have been upgraded with some sophistocated armor and real personality and attitude. I get the feeling (and the hope) that Halo 3 will feature more “little” moments, something more memorable than the regular old giant shooting battles.

Anyway, you can watch the video on Xbox Live in full 1080p, or check it out below:

(via Joystiq)

Xbox 360 Fanboy links to a Bungie post that explains the graphics in the video are months old, not mostly placeholders, and not at all representative of the final graphics when Halo 3 ships next year. You can download the video to your computer via links at Bungie’s post.

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