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Windows Vista Launch Event: January 29 In New York

Microsoft has announced the launch event for Windows Vista and Office 2007: “Wow Starts Now” on January 29 in Times Square, New York City. I got my invite Friday, so if you have a reason to expect one, watch your inbox.

Windows Vista/Office 2007

The WOW Starts Now

On January 29th, Microsoft will celebrate the launch
of two amazing products that represent the culmination of a
tremendous team effort.  Millions of people – Microsoft
employees, developers, valued customers, bloggers, families,
media, the entire industry – have come together like never before
and added their own individual imprints to help make Windows Vista
and 2007 Microsoft Office system the most tested products in
Microsoft history.


With Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system we are
committed to making people’s digital lives easier, more entertaining and
better connected, as well as safer and more reliable. Our celebration is
dedicated to the millions of people who helped transform the
operating system into a rich experience that’s more exciting
and more powerful than ever before.  Because of the immense
personal contributions of so many, we hope you will help us
celebrate a new digital lifestyle and a new era in personal computing.

Please join us as we launch Windows Vista
and 2007 Microsoft Office system.

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