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Microsoft RSS Usage Survey Results

Back in September, Microsoft conducted a survey, asking people how they use their RSS readers. The results are here, and I’ve taken the liberty of translating one of the tables into a graph, just to give you an idea of how fragmented the RSS reader space is:


Igvita has made graphs of most of the other data, including “How many feeds are you subscribed to in your primary RSS reader?”, “On average, how frequently do you open your RSS reader (e.g. to read unread articles, to find an old article)?” and “What time of day do you usually use your RSS reader (check all that apply)?”.

Besides asking questions, they asked participants to submit their OPML reading lists to get data on which feeds were popular. Of the 1,354 respondents, 320 OPML files comprising 40,616 subscribed feeds were received. The top 18:

Blog Subscribers
Playin with IT 106
Official Google Blog 103
TechCrunch 99
Joel on Software 83
Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger 82
Google China Blog 75
Engadget 73
Chinese Blogbeta 65
A List Apart 57
Engadget China 56
Slashdot 55
Incomplete 53
Particle Tree 52
LaoBai’s Blog 51
Solidot 51
Wang Xiao Feng’s blog 50
Mezzoblue 49
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents 49
Bloglines News 47
Mini-Microsoft 46
GSeeker 46

(via Randy Charles Morin)

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