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Martha Stewart Dating Former Microsoftie?

TDavid was listening to Howard Stern’s Sirius Satellite Radio show, when Howard was interviewing good ol’ Martha Stewart. Martha revealed a whole bunch of crazy things (you can read T’s post to get that), but the last point is what interested me the most:

Martha is currently dating a retired Microsofty.*

Really? Well, this could be a fun guessing game! Is it someone super-famous, like cofounder and mega-billionaire Paul Allen (after all, Martha is sometimes a billionaire, and the two could work well together)? Is it someone completely unexpected, like Mark Jen? There are so many people who used to work at Microsoft, thousands in fact, that it could be just about anyone.

I’m going to start a rumor that is enormously fun, and pen a phrase that has never been uttered on the internet: Martha Stewart is dating Robert Scoble.

There, I said it. Now it’s true.

Oh, hell, we all know Martha is dating Charles Simonyi. The New York Post said so nine months ago, and Martha has confirmed it with her comment on Stern. Charles, who next year will become only the fifth space tourist in history, is seven years younger than Martha, and oversaw the development of Microsoft’s Word and Excel, two of the most popular applications in the history of the software industry.

* - T: the proper spelling is Microsoftie. Google it :-)

December 29th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Corporate | one comment
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  1. […] - Martha’s trial cost her all her close friends - she paid $1,200 for the Thumper for massage (sexual stimulation). Never heard of the Thumper vibrator nor could a quick search locate one that cost $1,200 (I’m not doubting nor looking to buy one, lol) - she isn’t interested in lesbianism, nor was she forced into that in prison. Martha: “It doesn’t appeal to me.” - she went five months without sex and then got some the minute she got out of prison - she thinks men are afraid of her and doesn’t get many date requests - Martha is currently dating a retired Microsofty Microsoftie (thanks for the human spellchecking, Nathan). They threw in a joke about Micro-hard (you can guess the context, but it dealt with when Martha got out of prison). […]

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