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Microsoft Doesn’t Want Any Woodcocks

The Register has a funny article (which is the only reason I’m even willing to link to them) about how Microsoft Passport/Windows Live ID won’t accept a lot of funny-sounding last names, because they have mildly offensive words in them. This becomes a problem in the UK, where well-known names have words you wouldn’t feel right using in front of the kids, like Woodcock. Since it’s The Register, I’m supposed assume the article is a fake, but it still wouldn’t shock me if Microsoft was striking out all uses, including legitimate, of that word.

I wonder, if they are picking letter combos in the middle of words, wouldn’t that have left a lot of problems? Can the Bass family use their last name? Is there a problem for Boris Hitler (and not for the obvious reason)? What if my name was Asop Enis? Why, it’s just unfair!

By the way, there are definitely better examples than those awful attempts by myself. Somebody try a few in the comments. I won’t censor any offensive language.
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January 11th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, MSN, Windows, Humor, Live | 2 comments
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  1. yep - my wife was forced to use the the incorrect spelling of her name as “marianne” for the last 3 years because they flagged “maryanne” (_aryan__) as offensive. i wrote to MS Passport support, and they said they were working on the issues. i’m happy to report that MS has been responsive and is now allowing my wife to use her real name!

    Comment by rob | 1/11/2007

  2. There was a case years ago where AOL wouldn’t let anyone in the city of Scunthorpe (UK) create an account because it has the letters for “cunt” in the middle of it

    Comment by Mr.Wizard | 1/11/2007

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