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Should Microsoft Be Trusted With Web Standards?

Alex Barnett discusses a bit of controversy, namely that the chair of the W3C’s new HTML working group, which is chartered to progress the HTML standard, is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer program manager, Chris Wilson. There are good arguments either way, and if you hate Microsoft I doubt you are going to be swayed, but I like Alex’s point that as long as Internet Explorer is a fact of life, we should be happy Microsoft is taking a leadership position and making itself accountable to web standards.

In fact, Alex’s post says it all, so you should just read it. Go! I’ll just sit here and wait for Todd Bishop’s Ford Sync video to show on YouTube…

January 11th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Applications, Internet Explorer | one comment
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  1. The other day I read that MS have replaced the IE-based HTML rendering engine from Outlook with the Word one!!!!!

    Comment by someone | 1/12/2007

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