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“Vanishing Point” Sky-Writing Event Runs Into Foul Weather

Microsoft had announced the second big clue-bearing event for the Vanishing Point contest, which will send a winner into space, and this time the clues were coming in skywriting. Lucky players who were in the cities of Los Angeles; Phoenix; Miami; Austin, Texes; and Sydney, Australia would be able to look to the skies for more clues, which they would hopefully share online to help other players.

Unfortunately, the weather got in the way, as rain in Austin cancelled that event, and excessive cloud coverage in Phoenix forced the event to be moved 20 miles at the last minute. Well, even in an Alternate Reality Game, you have to deal with the facts of this reality, and I guess even Loki can’t control the weather. You know, Microsoft could have consulted the Soviets, who had some good ideas on weather control.

January 16th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General | no comments

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