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Track The Vista Bus Across America

Take a look on the right:

That’s a Microsoft Gadget that shows you where the Windows Vista bus is right now, thanks to a GPS unit on the bus. The bus shoved off yesterday, and will be going for another week, heading to all sorts of interesting locations. The Gadget is by Donavon West, and here’s the code you can use to put it on your blog right now:

< div style="position:relative;width:130px;height:152px;" >
< script src="" type="text/javascript">
< /div >

Donavon’s blog has all the information you need to put it on, Windows Live Spaces, or the Windows Vista Sidebar.

What else about the bus? Well, the Windows Vista team blog has photos of the inside and outside, and while the outside is cool, the inside makes me want to sign a lease! Leather couches and armchairs, nice TV, and plenty of hookups for anything geeky? I want to live there…

Today, they are at Ohio State university, tonight in Pittsburgh, while yesterday they were in Nashville and Lexington.

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