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Will Sinofsky Undo Microsoft Transparency?

Robert McLaws has some interesting thoughts on the fact that Steven Sinofsky, head of the Office division, will be taking over the Windows division any second now, if he hasn’t already. The concern: While Office has been run better than Windows the last half-decade, but it’s also been a tighter ship, where the developers don’t talk about anything until the product is about to hit public beta. If Windows runs the same way, we won’t be hearing as much about the next version for at least another 18 months; even those under NDA will be kept out of the loop.

I don’t like the idea of all the communication we’ve had from Microsoft breaking down and the company being all secretive, so I’m hoping Sinofsky doesn’t lockdown everything. Still, I think Sinofsky would be wise to keep things a little more closed than they have been in the past, as a little more mystery at Microsoft could do wonders for public opinion. Microsoft talked too much about Longhorn development before it was ready, and that is always going to hurt how people feel about the final product.

January 17th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Applications, Windows, Office, Corporate, Vista | no comments
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