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$5 For 1600 Microsoft Points With Halo 3 Pre-order

Best Buy is running a cool deal: Pre-order Halo 3 and get 1,600 Microsoft Points for just five dollars! Microsoft Points, which can be used to buy Xbox Live Arcade games, movie rentals, TV downloads, and Zune songs, normally cost $20 for 1,600 points, so you’d be saving 75%, or fifteen bucks. Switch the Microsoft Points to store pick-up to get shipping down to a measly $1.99. If you are definitely ordering Halo 3, this is practically a no-brainer.
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If you’re looking to squeeze the price down as low as possible, Amazon typically finds a way to shave a few pennies or more off what most everyone else is charging, so these prices might get more interesting as the release date approaches:

January 21st, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Halo, Halo 3 | no comments
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