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See The Origami Experience In Action

JKOnTheRun’s latest video features the great new Origami Experience software, the new program launcher/manager for Ultra Mobile PCs that will ship with UMPCs running Windows Vista. Based on what we see in the video, Microsoft has done a great job with version 2 of the UMPC, with a cool looking, versatile, feature-rich and simple application, making it a hell of a lot easier to do stuff on a UMPC.

In fact, the interface should remind you of something you’d expect from another company, one known for its cool Mac OS and iPhone interfaces. Microsoft is doing a lot of the same things Apple is doing with the iPhone, including the idea that everything should work without a stylus, just a tap of the finger. If someone can release a UMPC for the same price as the iPhone, coupled with this amazing new interface, I won’t be crushing on that iPhone any more.

As usual, my biggest problem will be looking at the UMPC. Last year, I wanted, badly, to see what the UMPC experience was like. Naturally, I couldn’t find one anywhere, making the purchasing decision a hell of a lot harder than necessary. In fact, the first UMPC I found in the wild was in a duty-free shop in London. Worse, I have yet to find a standard Tablet PC in a single store that I could demo; all the display units in New York are apparently cracked and have their stylus stolen.

Microsoft needs to open a store, in order that people can see their products as they were meant to. The fact that I’ve had such a hard time is a travesty, and has got to be hurting Microsoft in the fight against Apple. Who do I have to bribe to demo a frickin’ Tablet?

January 23rd, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | UMPC/Origami, Tablet PC, Vista, Windows, General | no comments

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