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22% Of PCs Fail Windows Validation

Microsoft has disclosed that the number of Windows PCs that have failed validation, which attempts to detect if a copy of Windows is genuine or pirated, numbers at 22% of the 512 million that have tried to validate. Of that 22 percent (over 100 million), only 56,000 have appealed the decision and gotten a free replacement copy, usually because they were sold counterfeit software.

The high percentage of failure would seem to suggest a problem with Windows, but the low number of appeals would suggest that most of those failing are indeed pirating Windows, and deserve the failing grade. The Business Software Alliance estimates the global piracy rate is even higher, at 35%, which would mesh with the fact that pirates are actively fighting and avoiding Windows validation. It’s crazy to imagine 100 million computers out there with pirated Windows, but if you’ve ever stolen the operating system before, you know how tempting it can be, especially if you’re a kid on a budget.

January 25th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Windows, Vista | 2 comments
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  1. They should simply switch to the free Ubuntu then.

    Comment by Markus | 1/25/2007

  2. Well, there’s 56,000 pissed off people!

    Comment by Ray Myers | 1/25/2007

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