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Windows Live Mail Milestone 9 Released

The Windows Live Mail team has dropped Milestone 9 (or M9), another step on the path to replacing Hotmail. Hopefully, Milestone 10 will be the last one before final release.

The most interesting change in this release is that Classic view is now the default view. The Classic view is the one designed for less compatible browsers, as well as easier to manage for users who are too used to the old Hotmail, and can’t stomach all the bells and whistles of Windows Live Mail. The Classic view will be the view shown to new users switching over to Hotmail so they don’t freak out at the new system, and have time before they decide to start using the advanced features.

I hate the idea of the new users losing out on the great features, but I’m guessing the user studies told them this was necessary.

Classic view has been enhanced, too, and is damn fast, faster in fact than Hotmail is. They’ve also added a bunch of interface changes, and full support for Firefox. Kandarp details all the features with screenshots, including the new Today page:

The new toolbar:

And some additional things you can do with contacts while composing email in classic view:

January 25th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Live, Mail, Hotmail, Windows, MSN, General | 70 comments

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  1. Is there a way to get rid of the “today” page. I don’t need or want that; I just want to go directly into email. ALSO - how can I cut and paste in Live Mail? I know how to paste into Live Mail (ctrl-V), but I cannot cut or move or copy FROM Live Mail or WITHIN Live Mail! I have search the internet; I have search on Microsoft’s site, and I cannot find anything!! THIS NEW LIVE MAIL IS SO VERY FRUSTRATING!!

    Comment by Cathy | February 1, 2007

  2. Please, please, please give us cut, copy, and paste back. I’m lost without it. Its a big step backwards.

    Comment by Brian | February 3, 2007

  3. Please, please, please give us cut, oopy, and paste back. So very disappointing and difficult to have lost them.

    Comment by Brian | February 3, 2007

  4. Why did they take cut, copy and paste away?!?!?!?!?!? It really makes compose useless for me. I have to use my gmail or yahoo account to write an email.

    Comment by rick | February 5, 2007

  5. I was frustrated by cut and paste, too.

    This seems to work -

    CTRL-V for paste

    CTRL-C for copy

    Comment by Terrence | February 11, 2007

  6. I too would like to know how to cut and paste in windows live. Has anybody found out how to do it? Thanks Hank

    Comment by Hank Schmidt | February 16, 2007

  7. I mean seriously, who was the idiot that left off copy and paste buttons?!?!?! Not being a computer whiz, I am not able to understand why right clicking to cut, copy and paste does not work on Windows Live Mail? Simply amazing that a company like Microsoft would do something so insane as to make it difficulat to cut, copy and paste. CTRL-V and CTRL-C to copy and paste?!?!? What did they even invent the mouse for??? I have always used Hotmail but this is going to drive me over to someone else and make me rant and rave to everyone not to use Hotmail!!!

    Comment by Jim | February 25, 2007

  8. that copy and paste code does work. Thanks so much for posting it:)

    Comment by Anna | February 28, 2007

  9. Dear Bill Gates,

    We want cut and paste back in windows live, and we want it now!

    Yours sincerely,


    Comment by PapaJohn | March 15, 2007

  10. Im about to junk windows live email-WHERE IS COPY AND PASTE????

    Comment by Doug | March 16, 2007

  11. Ctrl V for Paste

    Ctrl C for Copy

    Ctrl X for Cut

    There you have it. Happy cutting and pasting.

    Comment by Terrence | March 16, 2007

  12. I can only concur and commiserate with your comments and frustrations. Just add to that, the difficulties of a willing Senior. After years of using Hot Mail and Outlook Express on Windows 95/98/2000/and XP, the right click for copy/cut/and paste on Vista/Live Mail is obsolete . My cursor freezes and have to reboot. Why this struggle
    Mr. Billionaire? Is this progress? Surely consumer power can force a change. Please,give us back the features of Windows XP, Live Mail sucks. Anxiously awaiting a response from Microsoft. George

    Comment by George | March 20, 2007

  13. To everyone that has a concern for the lack of a copy, paste, and cut option, here are the ways to do this on Windows Live Mail:

    Copy - Control (C)

    Paste - Control (V)

    Cut - Control (X)

    I am still hoping that this mistake will be fixed in future versions of Windows Live Mail.

    Comment by Arielle | March 21, 2007

  14. This is an unbelievably stupid version of windows. I anticipate that Hotmail will see a HUGE drop in marketshare due to this bungle. As for me I’ve been wanting to leave hotmail for gmail for some time…now thanks to hotmail, I HAVE to leave. Seeeeeee ya on gmail.

    Comment by T vincent | March 26, 2007

  15. It is just %&#! stupid to disable cut and paste. How can MSFT become so dumb? Please Bill, kick that manager’s ass for me. You hear?!

    Comment by qqian | April 2, 2007

  16. I will echo all of the above sentiments about cut, copy and paste. They are one of the fundamental requirements for email.
    I am so glad I came across this page, at least now I know there’s a way around it. (thanks ppl!)
    But seriously, shame on you MS. :-(

    Comment by Josephine | April 17, 2007

  17. where is the little pair of scissors,copy & paste gone y arent they on the email tool bar this is like peaches with no cream.Come on guys wake up & smell the coffee.

    Comment by Tumeke | April 20, 2007

  18. Thank you, thank you for the cut & paste info. Very frustrating change

    Comment by Joan | April 24, 2007

  19. Ctrl C & V works….

    Comment by Peter | April 24, 2007

  20. We were smart enough to google “cut paste hotmail” I wonder about the countless others who didn’t bother.

    Comment by John | April 27, 2007

  21. fix it fast, or i’m changing to gmail…..BRING BACK COPY AND PASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve had this hotmail account since i got an email 10 yrs ago—-please bring back copy & paste….pleeeeeease!

    Comment by Kari | May 10, 2007

  22. Trying to install live mail, goes through proceedure then rolls back on installation. Legit copy of windows installed. Any help appreciated.


    Comment by steff | May 14, 2007

  23. Can anyone tell me how to go back to the Hotmail version that had Copy & Paste using the mouse?.
    This is absolutley ridiculous what on earth are they playing at. If this is not fixed shortly I will be DUMPING HOTMAIL right away and so should everyone else!!!

    Bloody stupid sods.


    Comment by androo | May 14, 2007

  24. Ya seriously!! WHADAFUXUP!?!?!?! Only this can be expected by Microsoft!! Bunch of clowns! I cant wait for the day that just a single super distribution of Linux comes out and pisses all over microsoft!

    Comment by Jean | May 15, 2007

  25. To go back to old version of Hotmail if you’re frustrated with the lack of “cut, copy and paste” on Live Hotmail (and who wouldn’t be), go to Options and click. Right at the top, you can switch back to the regular Hotmail. They make you take a survey, but then it does go back. I can’t imagine what they were thinking (or maybe they weren’t) in leaving off (cut, copy or paste”

    Comment by Tom | June 7, 2007

  26. I had to do a search on this after wasting my time tryin to fiqure out how to copy and paste something on this new version. I CANNOT believe that there is no right mouse click option OR icons..HELLO!!!??? There is nothing more frustrating that having this new KICK BUT hotmail version (seriously, it rocks and will make my life sooo much easier and my time checking e-mails will decrease!!) and not have something as simple as a cut and paste option available!! My throat is in a knot I’m so upset, lol! Seriously, please bring back the cut and paste option. :)

    Comment by Maria | June 8, 2007

  27. i guess im dumb but can someone please tell me what IS better about the new hotmail.. other then the look? to me it seems the same except for what it MISSING. or do i have some half @$$ version. i hate it.

    Comment by Nate | June 10, 2007

  28. Who was the genius who decided to get rid of cut, copy and paste from Live Hotmail? These are some of the most used functions when sending email.

    Perhaps we should cut off the thumbs of the person responsible for this deceission as I’d love to see how well they’d get along without them. It’s not like they would miss them or anything as they’d still have 8 other digits to work with. I could give a crap about all the other tools they’ve kept, cut copy and paste are emails “thumbs”.

    Seriously, unless you want to learn how to function without opposable thumbs then give us back cut, copy and paste! I think it’s more than fair enough of a trade.

    Comment by Shawn | June 17, 2007

  29. I agree, it does take some wisdom to search how to cut and paste for the new Windows Live version. I too want to know how do you take away the spread of news when your email opens up? I will reread thru to see if it is posted.
    Thanks for the information on cutting and pasting. I am sure the company has heard our plea of the return of cut and paste.
    Blessings to you all!

    Comment by victoria | June 25, 2007

  30. I can only echo the previous comments. My frustration with the Microsoft Morons couldn’t be greater. Their arrogance and disregard for we inferior’s who still use a mouse to copy and paste is demonstrated ‘again’ by it’s omittance.

    Comment by Ron | July 14, 2007

  31. “Right at the top, you can switch back to the regular hotmail”

    HOW?? I can’t find anything at the “top” that returns you to regular hotmail.

    I’ve been with hotmail since ‘97, and I wish they would stop messing around with it.

    Some of us are still on 56k dialup without fiber optics!!

    Comment by Bill | July 17, 2007

  32. Well I’ve spent an hour in Windows-Live jail, going through page after page of settings and options, I can’t find ANYTHING at the top of the page but big blank blue, I’M POOPED.



    Comment by Bill | July 17, 2007

  33. I think it’s really a shame when you have an email system you’ve used for years, everybody you know know your address, suddendly changes their service.

    It’s like the phone company suddenly saying “we’re not going to support rotary dialing phones anymore”.

    Now granted, we’re not paying for this service, and we don’t have to run out and buy a new computer to run their new interface (unless you’re like me and your 56k runs about 30-40k on a good day), so they can do whatever they want.

    I just want to get my mail without all this gobbledeegook that I have to wait to load.

    So here is the reply I recieved after a week of begging and pleading to be switched back to MSN Hotmail interface.

    Thank you for writing back to Windows Live Hotmail Technical Support. I have read your correspondence with my colleagues. I am responding to your concern on switching back to the classic MSN Hotmail interface. I fully realize the importance of this matter.

    The option to opt out of the Windows Live Hotmail for recently created or reactivated accounts is removed by default. The Windows Live Hotmail is the new look of the MSN Hotmail. As of now, the MSN Hotmail is slowly being migrated to the Windows Live Hotmail. And because of this, the ability to opt out of the Windows Live Hotmail was removed. Soon, all MSN Hotmail users will be using the Windows Live Hotmail.

    If you would like and experience similar to what you had with MSN Hotmail, you can choose the classic version of Windows Live Hotmail. To do this, please click the “Switch to classic” link on the lower left portion of the Today page. You can also follow the steps below to switch to the classic interface:

    Classic Windows Live Hotmail is still three times slower than MSN Hotmail, but what really worries me is the ominous “all MSN Hotmail users will be using the Windows Live Hotmail.”

    So they are eventually going to migrate older users over? Reminds me of that Apple commercial from the eighties, “1984″, the woman (Apple) throws a sledgehammer at Microsoft? Well, it appears Microsoft is playing “Big Brother” with Windows Live Hotmail, and maybe someone should step in and take them down a notch or two.. or three…

    Comment by Bill | July 21, 2007

  34. I see I’m not the only one with “copy & paste” issues.


    Comment by R. Davis | July 26, 2007

  35. Wow — I just thought I didn’t have enough coffee this morning. What mega-paid brainiac thought it was a good idea to leave off the cut and paste????!!! This improved email is so darn efficient for me now–gee thanks Microsoft!

    Comment by Susan | July 27, 2007

  36. If you go to Tools/toolbar/customize, you can add the cut, copy, paste functions onto the toolbar and do it from there. Would still be nice to do the old right click thing, but guess this is the new way…

    Comment by Gary Heasman | July 28, 2007

  37. Microsoft- This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen, taking away the cut and paste future from your new crappy live mail! Bring the darn thing back NOW or else I am getting rid of all your other stupid programs!

    Comment by Natasha | July 31, 2007


    Comment by Natasha | July 31, 2007


    Comment by LegallyBlonde | August 2, 2007

  40. Cut and Paste,
    People have been writing here about wanting “cut and past” abilities for six months, BUT does anyone at Microsoft do anything about it???
    Why, because they just don’t care about their little customers anymore.

    Comment by Tom | August 2, 2007

  41. Congratulation’s Microsoft - GIVE US BACK OLD HOTMAIL -
    EXPERIENCE with a Programme I have been using happily for
    3+ years - We cant Insert link’s - It’s a Horrible interface!!! - Why mend something that wasn’t Broken???

    Im Leaving Hotmail for a provider that gives it’s customers what they want - also leaving msn messenger for yahoo messenger in PROTEST - 100’s of Thousand’s +++ will do the same unless old (Brilliant) Email is re-introduced - WAKE UP GUY’S

    Comment by Shaun | August 2, 2007

  42. GOOD NEWS GUY’s!!!!

    Ive Just got back to OLD Hotmail - Exactly as it was yesterday!! - Before Microsoft “Improved it!!!”

    YOU CAN TOO - Let’s Let Microsoft know what we think of them by all doing this!!!!!!

    Firstly go to - “New mail” in Windows Live - as if composing new message - then go to near Top right corner - just below your name - Click “Options”

    This is the stage after having a few beers I cant remember Exactly what I did!!! lol - But have a look in Options - It’s dead simple - think it say’s something like “Switch back to Classic version” or something like that - You can take a survey if you like - I did - to let them know what I think - took 3 or 4 minutes - but you can click not to take survey and Bang - you go back to old version!!!!!!!!

    AND THE COPY/PASTE INSERT LINK WORKS like it alway’s did!!!!

    Let me know how you get on!!!!!
    Best of luck

    Comment by Shaun | August 2, 2007

  43. And what about insert a picture not as attachment?

    Comment by carlos | August 3, 2007

  44. Whatever you had on “Old” Hotmail that we love - will still be there - same as before - Nothing Improved - Nothing Deleted - Just good old “Hotmail” as we know it

    Comment by Shaun | August 3, 2007

  45. To answer your question Carlos - I alway’s use “File” to attach anything on original Hotmail - Even Picture’s!!!

    Work’s well

    Comment by Shaun | August 3, 2007

  46. Thanks for the heads up on that Shaun!!

    It was just as you said. I completed the survey too - but the most ironic part is that there is no mention of the copy and paste option!!

    Comment by Daithi | August 13, 2007

  47. Wow! All you hotmail users made my day. I just joined the “upgraded” e-mail two days ago and my blood pressure goes up when I use it. I googled “paste hotmail” and found your comments and am comforted in knowing I’m not alone. But why no action from Microsoft. I did send a comment to them also.

    Comment by Peggy | August 20, 2007

  48. Just like everyone else here I still am baffled by the change. I have switched from the new back to the old 5 or six times now. I do the survey each time. The next time I do the survey I will leave them a link to this page. I really just want a good answer as to why they would make the change. I like the new version, but intend to stay with the old out of typing habit. CTRL-CVX work fine, but they slow me down. It is nice to know I am not alone on this.

    Comment by Joe | August 23, 2007

  49. Just GO BACK TO OLD HOTMAIL - Like millions of others

    Only that way will me make Microsoft listen!!!!!!

    If we don’t use it will Die!!!

    We have a voice??? - Vote with a few clicks of the mouse and go back to Old Hotmail (Why are Microsoft trying to fix something that isn’t broken!!) - total Stupidity

    Comment by Shaun | August 27, 2007

  50. No cmments

    Comment by faysal m. zedan | August 30, 2007

  51. Sorry but this Live thing is Shit !!!
    It takes ages to load. It is completely complicated to use. The colors hurt my eyes. A Gizillion new options that maybe 5 people out of 5 million will ever use.
    Have the developers actually used this and tried it themselves, cause I seriously doubt that. This is just another fine example of how companies are trying ‘to keep up’, not realizing that the product they have is great already.
    You just cannot make a Bentley out of a Porsche…

    Comment by AnotherFrustratedUser | September 5, 2007

  52. Now they’ve changed the Options!! There is no longer the chance to Switch back, and I’m TRAPPED in this damn NEW “classic” version, which is not at all like the old hotmail.


    Their FAQ is not help, because they don’t want you to have the option of going back.


    Comment by Robert | September 6, 2007

  53. I’m using classic version of WIndows live but it’s still different then what I was using before. Does anyone know how to go back to classic version on non-live hotmail?

    Comment by Rebecca | September 9, 2007

  54. Hey, good news, the cut, copy, and paste functions are back in the email generating screen. Never understood why they were taken away. Hope they stay.

    Comment by Brian | September 9, 2007

  55. Hey…I agree with all of you complaining about cut and paste option. I’m glad I discovered this forum, so I know I’m not just going crazy or something, or worse yet, my daughter is going to come along and say, here it is, as if I’ve just been overlooking it the whole time!!

    Comment by Vicky | September 9, 2007

  56. The new Windows Live Hotmail sucks. I don’t anticipate the snots over there reversing their decision, so I’ve decided to pull the plug on my accounts. They’re not the only game in town…

    Comment by DSE | September 15, 2007

  57. I have used hotmail for over 7 years. it was my prefered email and I used it almost exclusively however with this new version I am totally unhappy!!! I dont care what superduper options I have or the cut and paste option or anything else I JUST WANT MY OLD HOTMAIL BACK!!!!!!!!!!
    DO YOU GET IT??????????
    DO YOU LISTEN?????????
    I dont even get the option to roll mine back you BASTURDS!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by scott | September 16, 2007

  58. I’ll give it a week if it isnt turned back to hotmail I am also going to switch to gmail. if this is how loyalty is treated windows livemail can go to hell!

    Comment by scott | September 16, 2007

  59. I hate how the new hotmail looks when you receive photos?! They appear way too small…..! This new hotmail thing sucks!!!!

    Comment by Anne | September 17, 2007

  60. HATE IT.
    Why can’t M$ just let everyone have the choice of Email and Operating systems??
    If people want to use 98SE, let them use 98SE, if they want to use 2000, let them use 2000, if they want to use ME, let them use ME.
    If they continued to sell all these products and gave people the choice they would probably make a LOT MORE MONEY than if they shoved XP or Vista down our throats! I for one, have been using ME since it came out without ANY problems!
    If people want to use the slick, quick, MSN hotmail, instead of this slow, combersome Windows Live, let them have the choice!
    I have been on MSN Hotmail 10 years, yes, since 1997, because not all of us have high-speed or wi-fi, and let’s face it, Windows ‘live’ ain’t, on dial-up.

    Comment by Bill | September 18, 2007

  61. LMAO! Hilarious comments about copy, cut and paste! CTRL-C, -V and -X are standard OS shortcuts since at least Windows 3.1.

    All free web-based e-mail interfaces are similar. LiveMail’s functions well and offers more customization than most. It’s a free choice for a free service.

    Comment by Prazima | September 18, 2007


    Give me back my old Hotmail !

    I don’t want the FLASH ! I don’t want the bells and whistles.. all I want is my reliable, easy to use, uncomplicated, less childish looking hotmail..

    With this new version, I have problems even looking at my emails - the messege I get is: “Windows Live Hotmail wasn’t able to complete this request because your account is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.”

    Please, it wasn’t broke, it didn’t need to be fixed before.. so just put it back the way it was !

    Comment by Coldmail | September 19, 2007

  63. Hotmail Live sucks balls, no cut and paste ,Dont like new look either,,terrible, should give people a choice to switch not forced

    Comment by goldendeal | September 20, 2007

  64. You can send M$ your opinions, just click on the “feedback” link at the bottom right of the page, but;
    Ever get the feeling no one at M$ is listening, or even cares?
    I’ll tell you another thing I’ve noticed from this whole migration, I used to have dozens of contacts memorized on my drop-down address bar. I could just type the letter of the email address and then choose from the list alphabetically. Now they are all gone. I’m lucky that I made a backup list a few months ago. Another functionality lost.

    Comment by Bill | September 20, 2007

  65. I was wondering how to fix this :Windows Live Hotmail wasn’t able to complete this request because your account is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.


    Comment by Jared | October 24, 2007

  66. Same response as Jared, #65:

    On and off and on and off again! My Windows Live Hotmail PLUS has been going on and off for a couple of months, now. Mail senders receive the “delayed” return message. Even though no send confirmation is displayed, I know my messages are getting out.

    There is supposed to be Chat support, but they referred me to e-mail support. I have gone through this before, and what ever “support” is offered doesn’t have anything to do with the problem.

    The problem happens on any computer I sign in on, anywhere. They are not connected and have different ISP’s.

    I’m about to change accounts, but would rather Microsoft get the problem fixed.

    Comment by Annette | October 24, 2007

  67. How can I get rid of this message? It has stopped all my contacts. “Windows Live Hotmail wasn’t able to complete this request because your account is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.”

    Comment by Farhatullah | October 27, 2007

  68. I want the old version back NOW !! argghhh why do they do this to us ?

    On top of all the crap, I can`t seem to download attachments now. This appears “Windows Live Hotmail wasn’t able to complete this request because your account is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.”

    anybody know how to sort this one out ?….

    Comment by RaoulDuke | October 28, 2007

  69. opted to go back to original hotmail due to link buttons not working and completed survey as to why! now they have bloddy well automatically switched me back over to the new version! aaaarrrrggghhh!!! this is atrocious! what is the point in the survey if they don’t listen?

    Comment by dave | October 29, 2007

  70. No copy paste pictures into the email. Going back…

    Comment by Mario | October 30, 2007

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