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Why Viva Piñata Was No Gears of War

About’s Eric Qualls has an article about why Viva Piñata was not the breakaway success Microsoft had hoped it would be. His reasons are good, including that a game with deep adult appeal was paired with a crappy kiddie cartoon, but I think that, as a fan of the game, he’s missing the point: It was supposed to be a game for kids. Viva Piñata was supposed to be well-packaged for kids, and instead the fans of the game all see m to be adults. A sandbox game for adults can sometimes be popular, but a game popular with the preteen set would have been much better for the bottom line.

The other thing: Viva Piñata was too manufactured. From the time I first heard of it, it sounded like Microsoft wanted to make it a big deal, manufacturing a hit. You can’t really do that, unless the product is truly high class, like Gears of War, and with those lone exceptions, consumers can smell it a while away. Plus, most of the efforts went into making Gears the hit of the year, leaving little room for Viva to get noticed. 140,000 sales so far is not terrible, but it is a dissapointment based on expectations.
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January 30th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Xbox, Xbox 360 | one comment
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  1. So what do you think, Nathan? Are all those young children deciding not to buy the game because they deem it too hard? Sort yourself out for goodness sake, and take the blame like a man rather than trying to deflect it onto the developer. This time, it was your screw up.

    Comment by centrifuge | 2/2/2007

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