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Yet More New Xbox Live Video Marketplace Content

Xbxo 360 Fanboy writes about some new stuff ready for download on the Xbox Live Video Marketplace, so warm up your Microsoft Points:

  • TNA: Impact - Season 1 and 4 episodes from season 2.
  • Pros v. Joes - Season 2
  • The Sarah Silverman Program
  • ER - Seasons 1 and 2
  • Hunt for Red October (Standard Definition only, no fair!)
  • Artist of the Month - Good Charlotte
  • “Keep Your Hands Off My Girl” music video
  • “Keep Your Hands Off My Girl” behind the scenes

Also, Microsoft’s Gamerscore blog is running a trivia contest to give away 100,000 Microsoft Points. Just answer three really tough trivia questions about Small Arms, Marble Blast Ultra and Cloning Clyde, and 100 people who get it right will win 1,000 MSPoints each. Nice. You only have through tonight to enter, so hurry!

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Origami Team Moves Onto New Secret Project

The Origami team announced that, with the release of Origami Experience for Windows Vista, the entire team (minus one guy) is moving, intact, onto a new, non-UMPC project. Considering that the team has done an amazing job creating a touch interface for Windows, there is only one logical conclusion: They are either working on a Zune phone or Windows Mobile.

The fact is, Apple isn’t going to be the only country stepping it up in how media players work on mobile phones, and Microsoft knows it either brings its A-game, or admits defeat. My daily MP3 player is a Windows Mobile phone, and I use it out of convenience, nothing else. Windows Mobile is a disaster for media, compared to what little we’ve seen of the iPhone, difficult to control, crashing during other applications, losing its place if you turn off the screen, and an overhaul is in order.

The word about the Zune phone is that it is real, and it does not run Windows Mobile. If that is the real deal, then it is possible the Origami team is handling that, but I doubt it, since the Zune team probably wouldn’t work well by dumping other teams on them. The most likely thing is that the Origmai team is doing what it does best: Designing slick, fast, fun and easy interfaces to work on top of Windows operating systems, and an Origami-like shell for Windows Mobile would render the iPhone largely irrelevant for its price.

I hope to god they are working on media features for WinMobile, something iPhone-like. There are two kinds of Windows Mobile users, business users and consumer users, and Microsoft has completely ignored the second category. They need to play hardball before Apple gets a huge foothold in the category.
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There’s A Windows Home Server Team Blog

The Windows Home Server team is blogging, and they’ve already racked up some interesting posts. They explain why Home Server doesn’t have Exchange (they asked home users, and they were already satisfied with their email, and often use webmail) and some stats on the target market:

  • There are 15 million households in the U.S. that share a broadband connection between two or more active PCs, and over 40 million worldwide.
  • On average, these households have 3 “active” PCs with the majority running a mix of Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional
  • Over 90% of these households own a digital camera
  • Over 95% own a color printer
  • 70% own a game console
  • Less than 20% feel they have a good backup solution


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Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn Teams Up With Xbox 360

Former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn, a lock first round NFL draft pick (and possible #1) and Heisman Trophy runner-up, is working with Microsoft on a promotional campaign. As part of the hype leading up the NFL draft, Quinn’s pre-draft workouts (which affect where he will be drafted) and other appearances will be downloadable in HD on Xbox Live.

Quinn will also write an blog, and on April 27, the day before the draft, he will face off against the Xbox Live community in a “Game With Fame” event. These events, which in the past have included famous people and sports personalities like Jack Black, Andy Roddick, poker pro Daniel Negreanu, Audioslave, LaMarcus Aldridge, Matisyahu!, Jason Giambi, P.O.D., Green Day and INXS, are very popular because they allow gamers to play against and even beat their favorite celebrities, as well as talk to them via the Xbox Live headset during the game.

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Microsoft Tops Corporate Reputation Survey; Beats “No Tears”


Microsoft has taken the top spot in the eighth-annual Harris Interactive/The Wall Street Journal ranking of the best corporate reputations. MS beat out Johnson & Johnson, which had won ever single previous #1 ranking, due to the amazing philanthropic efforts of founder Bill Gates, who is spending billions on several causes, including improving education and fighting disease in poor countries.

“The involvement of Bill Gates and his wife in their charitable foundation has had a definite impact on Microsoft’s reputation,” says Enriqueta Lopez Ramos, a survey respondent and retired university professor in San Benito, Texas. “It’s hard to separate Bill Gates’s image from that of Microsoft; to me, they’re one and the same.”

As seen in the chart above, Microsoft got to be number one by ranking best in three out of the six categories: Financial Performance, Vision and Leadership, and Workplace Environment. The also ranked #2 in Social Responsibility, 1.4 points behind Whole Foods. Interestingly (and dissapointedly, I’m sure, to those who work there), Microsoft did not rank at all in the top 5 in Products & Services, with the top 5 being held by 3M (what, they got #1 for Scotch Tape and Post-it Notes?), Johnson & Johnson, Google, Sony and Proctor & Gamble.

Microsoft also tied Google at #2 in corporate transparency, #1 in distinctive corporate communications, #3 in being recognizable, #2 in consistent message, #7 in sincerity, #1 in consistency of corporate communications, #3 in being recognizable in the media, and #5 most recognizable web site.

Sortable rankings list
Flash-powered category breakdown

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