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Yahoo Adds Search Gadget For Vista


Yahoo has released a Sidebar Gadget for Windows Vista. The Gadget lets you search the web, as well as several other Yahoo search engines (Shopping, Answers, Local, Images, Video, Audio, Directory, Jobs, and News), and comes in five colors (transparent Aero Glass, purple, blue, and pink).

Comparison search Gadgets

In the second screenshot right above this paragraph, you can see the Gadget along with the independent Google and search Gadgets I run on my desktop. While the Yahoo Gadget opens search results in your current browser windows (not even a new one), those Gadgets use an inline window that belongs to the Gadget. Not only is it visually cooler, it’s far more useful, running the search straight in the Gadget. Who knows, maybe Yahoo will add that feature eventually.
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February 9th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Sidebar, Vista, Yahoo, Windows, General | no comments

Windows Vista “Wow” Ad

The first commercial for Windows Vista is out, and I’ve got one thing to say: Microsoft should have aired it during the Super Bowl:

Video: Windows Vista “Wow” ad

The ad isn’t the greatest I’ve ever seen, but it did give me chills. I really enjoyed it.

The fact is, the ad, while excellent, might not hold people’s interest during regular TV watching. As a Super Bowl ad, the spot carries a hightened sense of importance, and people would have paid attention. For $5 million, Microsoft could have made a real big splash with this. It’s a damn good ad, and deserved it.

Interestingly, I didn’t even watch the whole ad the first time I saw it. I was preoccupied, blogging or something, and caught just the beginning of it. Didn’t even realize it was the Vista ad. That has to say something.

In other news, Apple’s got another ad on Vista User Account Control:

Wait, so Microsoft’s the positive, optimistic company, and Apple is sarcastic? Do the Apple ads even care about selling computers anymore?

February 9th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Vista, Apple, Windows, General | 6 comments