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Windows DreamScene Ultimate Extra for Vista Released

Windows Vista Ultimate owners, the Ultimate Extra you have waited for is finally here: DreamScene, which brings active motion desktops to Vista with less of a performance hit than you’d expect. DreamScene was developed for Microsoft by StarDock, which has been developing one of the top Windows add-ons of all-time, WindowsBlinds, and has years of experience making Windows look better. DreamScene should already be available as an Ultimate Extra for download within Vista.

Not only is DreamScene free, but StarDock’s DeskScapes are free too. DeskScapes is an add-on for DreamScene that brings dynamic wallpapers to Vista Ultimate. To explain: DreamScene plays WMV and MPEG desktop wallpaper, while DeskScape adds extra .DREAM files, that have dynamic non-video content. Wallpapers can shift based on events, like a landscape wallpaper having the sun set and get darker as the day goes by, or showing the actual weather conditions in your area.

DeskScapes does not have an interface. Just install it, and you can manage .DREAM files in the same place you manage standard Windows wallpapers (and it gives Windows more advanced regular wallpaper options). Anyone can create DeskScapes, and get credit and a link back to their website within the Windows shell.

Currently, there are three .DREAM files on StarDock’s website: Nebula, which has twinkling stars and amidst clouds of stellar gas; Sylock Red, which has rotating gears; and Mana Shades, which has a sheet of shimmering blue and silver silk.

February 14th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | DreamScene, Vista, Windows, General | 2 comments