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How To Disable User Account Control Without Sacrificing Security

Dozleng has great instructions on a way of getting rid of the User Account Control prompt if it is annoying someone who is running as a Standard user: Just set it to always Decline. In the Local Security Policy, Windows Vista has a setting that lets the computer automatically say no whenever User Account Control wants to do something that requires admnistrative priveleges.

What is this useful for? Say your kid is using the computer, this change ensures that, if UAC wants to do something, the computer just says no and moves on. By doing this, the kid doesn’t get stuck at UAC prompts, yelling for the parent to come and enter a password. Also, if you are running a public terminal, this locks out users from even seeing the UAC prompt, meaning they couldn’t install software even if they tried.

If someone you know is getting annoyed by UAC prompts, but never really needs you to accept them in regular use, this is a great help.

February 15th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General | one comment

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  1. […] “Donna” from makes the case that setting UAC to auto-deny in certain circumstances can improve the Vista experience without sacrificing security. it’s an interesting tip that should be considered as an alternative to shutting UAC off. [via InsideMicrosoft] […]

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