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Xbox Rewards Hampered By Stupid Website Downtime Race

Microsoft’s Xbox Rewards program, which gives gamers who increase their Gamerscore 1,500 points over the next two months some cool stuff, has gotten off to a pretty disappointing start. Turns out Microsoft isn’t rewarding those who meet the requirements, just the first 70,000 who reach it (and even less at the higher levels). And, because the sign-in website was deadlocked by heavy traffic when the program started, it’s virtually guaranteed that the only people winning anything here are the same kids who can afford to sit on a webpage hitting refresh until they get through.

Microsoft needs to learn that programs like this and the Halo 3 beta only reward the most fanatic of users, meaning the program winds up bringing benefits to the same group, not bringing new people and diversity to the community. Also, websites that can’t handle the load only serve to make you look bad. Next time, either reward everyone equally, regardless of wether they can sit on the F5 key, or reward random entrants of those who complete the contest requirements. “First come, first served” serves no one.

I was excited about it, but you think I, or any casual gamer, is going to even bother to apply? Why bother trying to beat a gaggle of 12-year-olds to the front of the line? The prizes are probably gone already.

February 19th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Xbox 360, Xbox, General | no comments