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Crackdown Off To A Good Start

Crackdown is easilly turning out to be the latest in a string of top-selling Xbox 360 games, beefing up the notion that the hit games all seem to be on Microsoft’s console these days. No word yet on sales figures, but Joystiq had a roundup of the mostly positive reviews the game has been getting, including “like Grand Theft Auto… the bullshit has been stripped out” and “so god-damned addictive”. I’ve been enjoying several good hours of just the demo, so as soon as I can pick up the full game, I know I will.

Till then, here’s a funny game video:

(via Joystiq)

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Xbox 360 Tops PS3, Behind Wii, In January Sales

NPD Group released preliminary sales data for video game consoles in January, and the Xbox 360 came in second place of all next-generation video game consoles. The winner was Nintendo, with the Wii posting sales of 436,000 units, followed by the Xbox 360 at 294,000. Sony’s PlayStation 3 recorded 244,000 units sold, and the venerable PS2 actually beat most of the new consoles with 299,000 units moved.

Here’s what all that looked like (click to enlarge):


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Mac Fans Strike At Vista Ads

Torontoist ran some photos of a Windows Vista ad that got some special treatment from some Apple fans:


I’m seeing a bunch of Vista ads around town. Caught this one in Brooklyn yesterday on the way to a family thing:

Vista billboard Brooklyn

(via Digg)

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