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A PowerToy I’d Like To See: Keep Taskbar Preview

taskbar-thumbnail.pngMy suggestion for a PowerToy I’d like to see someone create: Make it so that if I hover over a taskbar button in order to show the preview thumbnail, I can press a key to keep that preview open, even when I move my mouse away. See, taskbar thumbnails are active, so they are a good way of keeping track of what’s going on in a program, like a web page loading or a progress bar moving. You have to keep your mouse on the taskbar to see the thumbnail.

What this PowerToy would do is let me keep the thumbnail preview open, while moving on with my work. I could hover over a taskbar button, pause for the preview to open, hit a key (like the CTRL key), and go back to doing work, and until I brought my mouse back down to that taskbar button, the preview would stay open. I could keep typing away at a new blog post, while keeping my eye on that important video rendering operation in the background.

So, who is going to write this, given that I could never write this myself? Also, what PowerToys would you like someone else to write, wether for Vista or otherwise? I’m thinking we should set up a donation account, and take bounties for utilities we want other people to make. Anyone interested, because I’ll set it up.

March 1st, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Windows, Developers | 2 comments
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  1. I suggested that to the UI team a while back, and they said they might consider it moving forward. The reason I want it is so that I can watch TV while I’m working, and have it in a place where it doesn’t get in the way of my work.

    Comment by Robert McLaws | 3/1/2007

  2. I’d like a registry tweak or option to make the live thumbnail bigger to

    Comment by azz0r | 3/2/2007

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