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Some Good Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets, Issue 2

Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets Issue 2

Here’s another roundup of recent additions to the Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets universe:

Stopwatch, a simple Gadget that lets you time an event down to the thousandths of a second, with just play/pause and stop buttons.

Poller, a Gadget that present you with random poll from and lets you vote on it and see results. A pretty good time-waster. One problem: Way too many foreign language polls. Try choosing a category that is at least more likely to be in English.

Outlook Info shows you the latest emails, calendar items and Tasks from Outlook. It has skins, can be used to select a specific mailbox, and you can open more than one instance of the Gadget to track multiple mailboxes. More useful than the official Outlook Gadgets.

Soapbox on MSN Video Search lets you search MSN Soapbox and view videos right from the desktop. Works and looks great.

Barcode Clock is a barcode! It’s a clock! It’s a clock, made out of a barcode! Pretty cool in a geek way.

Screen Saver Gadget plays any screen saver inside of it, a good way to get something funky in the Sidebar.

Live QnA shows questions from Windows Live QnA, which you can customize by adding tags.

iStat Battery shows battery status in a cool package, with five skins. iStat wireless is a matching Gadget with wifi status. iStat combo shows memory and CPU status.

Eternize’s Apps Quick Link is a simple icon launcher Gadget. It isn’t in English, but is simple enough to use, and you may prefer it to other launcher Gadgets.

MultiSearch is a silly Gadget with search engines spinnign around the box. There are a lot of non-English search engines, and I don’t like the way it works, but it sure is silly.

QuickTube searches YouTube and displays videos within the Gadget. It isn’t in English, but easy to understand.

iClock is another clock Gadget, one with four good skins and a few useful options.

Marketing Tutor displays marketing tips on your desktop.

Shotdown provides buttons to shutdown, standby and restart your computer.

GTA Countdown counts down to the release of the Grand Theft Auto 4 trailer, or can be set to count down to the release of the game.

Windows Vista Sidebar Battery Gadget is yet another battery status Gadget.

eBay Sidebar Tool lists items from your My eBay with various item status notifications, including international versions of eBay and 3 skins.

Sidebar Baby is a creepy sexless baby that you can feed milk. It doesn’t work well, and can’t even be dragged, but boy is it creepy.

Calvin n’ Hobbes Gadget shows a little picture of the comic duo, and if you click on it, a fly-out shows a random classic Calvin n’ Hobbes comic strip.

Mike Huckabee for President lets you show your support for Mike Huckabee on your desktop and links to the campaign website.

There are a bunch of new official magazine Gadgets: TV Watch which lets you know what’s on, recaps from last night and the latest headlines from Entertainment Weekly’s website. The Party Calendar shows you what the stars are up to. Time Quotes and News shows the quote of the day and latest news from The Gadget shows news, photos and fashions.

The Countdown to Anything Gadget is real useful, because it lets you choose anything to count down to.

The Daily Thought Gadget gives you a daily thought from Rabbi Tzvi Freedman.

Vista Hot Corners is a very cool Gadget that lets you get a Mac OS X-style Expose windows manager. Just put your mouse over the Gadget, and it automatically arranges your windows in an Expose style, or instead use Flip 3D. You can change the color of the Gadget, flip it, and change its height, so as to get it to fit in real well with your display.

All of these Gadgets are featured in the screenshot above.

As a bonus, wlw Paste As is a plugin for Windows Live Writer that helps you copy and paste from webpages, preserving properly all the HTML formatting.

There’s also a new RSS feed reader Gadget for Windows Sideshow devices.

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