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SmartFlip: A Flip 3D Replacement

Someone has written a windows arranging program called Smart Flip for Windows Vista, which does things a little differently than Flip 3D, rotating your windows in a circle. I’ve always looked at Flip 3D as a starting point, an example to developers of what is possible with Vista’s Desktop Windows Manager, so its great that people are starting to try different things.

Smart Flip isn’t great, having trouble focusing on itself and not on the windows themselves (meaning you can sometimes keep typing in a window while it is running), and is too agressive in grabbing child parts of parent windows (like Photoshop palletes) as seperate windows, but it is another thing you can use to show off your Vista system.

Check out this YouTube video of it in action:

(via OSX-E > Lifehacker)

Also, Brandon Paddock is talking on the Shell Revealed blog about a PowerToy he’s writing that brings useful status monitoring and speed control to the Windows Vista search index. If he doesn’t release it soon, I’ll fly to Redmond and steal his computer.

March 7th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Windows, Vista | one comment
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  1. Very cool. Good to see you back. Looks like GoDaddy fixed the issu ?

    Comment by Kandarp | 3/9/2007

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