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Zune Continues To Claim 10% Of The Market

January stats released by the NPD Group show that Microsoft’s Zune music player continues to hold around 10% of the hard drive-based portable player market, holding its market share and second place standing. Despite being a new entry to the market, Microsoft has managed to make the Zune a minor success, and have enough users to build a base off of for future products, including a rumored portable gaming Zune and Zune phone. Rest assured, the Zune isn’t going away soon.

Microsoft continues to support the Zune, with a firmware update expected later this month. The update will address obvious issues, like Zune Marketplace songs skipping, the FM tuner draining the battery, and syncing problems, but there is word that the update will not contain new features for the player. The biggest appeal of the Zune has been what is possible, not what has been delivered, so users are still waiting to see if the Zune team is cooking anything new for their little brown devices.

March 9th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Windows Media, Zune | one comment
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  1. Your title should have been “Zune Continues to Claim 10% of the Market that only includes 30GB hard drives based players that were not purchased at Apple retail or Apple online stores and didn’t include Walmart or Amazon”. Once you take that into account, it’s actually a shame it’s only 10% of that specific market, and you call it a minor success :-)

    Comment by 5pyd23 | 3/10/2007

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