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Did You Change Your Clocks? Is The World Ending? Mini-Y2K, Save The Children!

Yes, ladies and gents, early this morning the dreaded “mini-Y2K” happened, and Daylight Saving Time changed three weeks early. As I stare out my windows, reflecting on the death and destruction in the streets, in fear of our new robot masters, I can only pray that you, dear reader, had the foresight to patch your computers to the new system, and remembered to change the clocks on your microwave to match.

Oh, the horror!

If you have a Windows Mobile device, be sure to update it with the official patch from Microsoft, posted here. I can confirm it worked perfectly this morning. If you have Windows Vista, you’re fine, as I also saw this morning. If you have another system, one of my links below should have your answer, or this page at

If you are in the extended support phase of your Microsoft product, apparently you need to pay $4,000 for a patch from Microsoft (via), a savings of $36,000 off the regular Extended Support patch (but a bit much for, well, anybody). Products in that support phase include Windows Server 2000, Exchange Server 2000, Outlook 2000.

Now that this saga is hopefully over, never to be heard from again, enjoy the whole series of posts on the goverment’s hair-brained decision to control the future:
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Gates Out? Fine, Steve Ballmer For President!

Been following the strange saga of the movement to draft Bill Gates to run next year for President of these United States? Well, shut up and sit down, because the committee to draft Gates has thrown in the towel, retired the cause and just plain given up trying to get the king of nerd-dom to run this li’l country.

Oh, wait! There’s still hope! How? Steve Ballmer could run for President, as this humorous article suggests. Yes, I can see it now, the over-exhuberant Microsoft CEO screaming “Americans! Americans! Americans!” as his shirt changes color from massive armpit sweatstains. Just what this country needs.
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