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Windows Vista Ultimate Wallpapers

Ultimate wallpapers

The official Windows Vista Ultimate site has made available some cool looking wallpapers with Vista Ultimate branding. Anyone can download them, but if you only have Vista Basic, I doubt they’ll look so cool without Aero on your system. The wallpapers come in stand 4:3 format and widescreen for both 24-inch and 30-inch monitors.
(via Brandon’s The Wow blog)

Microsoft also released some stuff via Windows Update for Vista, including a compatibility update to help eight products work better on Vista, including RealPlayer, as well as an Outlook 2007 junk mail filter update, a DreamScene content pack (which I will review in the future), and, for Windows Server 2003, service pack 2.

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Interest In New York Microsoft Meetup?

I was looking at, and was shocked there are no Meetups for Microsoft enthusiasts. We need a place people who are excited or interested in Microsoft technologies, products, competitors, jobs and culture can meet to discuss what’s going on with the company. I think there could be some real interest in this sort of thing.

So, if you are in the New York area, and would be interested in meeting up once a month to talk about operating systems, Office, video games, software development, internet browsers, web search/services, or anything even remotely Microsoft related, let me know, and I’ll arrange a Meetup group. Its a shame you have to pay for Meetup before starting a group, which makes it very hard to gauge interest, so let me know in the comments of via the contact form if you want such a group, and I’ll put it all together.

I think this is such a diverse topic, with plenty of interesting directions, that we could do something different from the various meetups. I’d want something with members of the group bringing something to the table every Meetup, maybe in an unconference style, with everyone doing short presentations on new applications, reviews of products, analysis of what Microsoft is doing wrong (or right), mixing it up so there’s something new every few minutes.

I think it could be a lot of fun, and useful for Microsoft employees in the area, users, enthusiasts, and even great for Microsoft haters. I would love if this could happen, so lets get it done!

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Microsoft To Make HD Photo A Standard

Microsoft, wanting to establish its HD Photo image format as the next generation replacement for JPEG, has announced it will be submitting the format to a standards organization. This would basically free up the format, allowing anyone to use it free of charge and without having to bow to Microsoft. Microsoft gets the goodwill that comes from contributing something, for free, to the photography community, a nice reminder every time an HD Photo is used that Microsoft did something good. They also hope you’ll upgrade to newer products that support and take advantage of HD Photo natively, like, I don’t know, Vista.

Microsoft is serious about getting wide adoption, and fast. They’ve already released a free beta plugin for the Windows version of Photoshop, with a final version coming in April, and a Mac version expected as early as next week. Also, companies that make camera image sensors and camera designs are building products with HD Photo support, and cameras that take pictures in HD Photo are expected to hit the market in 12-18 months.

Another free download from Microsoft: The Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 Viewer, which lets you run PowerPoint presentations without having the program installed, on any version of Windows since 2000. The advantage of this program for everyone, not just those who need to watch a presentation: It comes with the new Office 2007 fonts, Candara, Consolas, Calibri, Cambria, Constantia and Corbel (and I wouldn’t be shocked if Segoe was in there). If you want the new fonts (which are excellent), this is the fastest and simplest way to get it.

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