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Windows Live For TV Invites Going Out

Just got two invites to the Windows Live For TV beta. Windows Live For TV, which I reviewed months ago, lets you access Windows Live Spaces, chat with Windows Live Messenger buddies, and even make Windows Live Calls from the Media Center interface, bringing a lot of new functionality to Windows Vista Media Center. The interface uses a cool rotating wraparound sphere effect, making it possibly the coolest thing for you to use to show off Media Center.

The interface seems to be improved, moving faster and performing better than the previous version, although it still suffers from some slight lag. Like before, the dedicated interfaces for Messenger and Call are not available in the beta, but the functionality is still present in the Live Spaces area (you can message and call all your buddies from there).

Anyway, if anyone wants the second invite (although the download link at my old post seems to still be active), let me know below. Whoever makes the best case for why they deserve it gets it.

March 19th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Windows, Live | 4 comments
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  1. Coz I am first to ask for ;-)
    Seriously I have Windows Vista Ultimate and would be interested in try this out.


    Comment by Alpesh Nakar | 3/20/2007

  2. Because I can test it both in Europe and US…

    Comment by YY | 3/22/2007

  3. Tough call…

    I think I’ll let ye old Random Number Generator decide:

    And the winner is…


    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | 3/28/2007

  4. Thanks heaps!

    Comment by Alpesh Nakar | 3/28/2007

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