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Microsoft Meets “Tommy Boy”

Fat guy in a little coat…

Tommy Boy, the story of Chris Farley becoming hard-working salesman (or something) was one of the movie highlights of the 90s, as I remember it, which makes this Microsoft video parody of it so hilarious:

“Brian Boy”

Starring Brian Valentine, Senior VP of Windows Core Operating System Division at Microsoft and Paul Santeler, VP of Enterprise Servers at Compaq, with a special appearance by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Also fun: This recent cartoon of Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs, aired on Current TV:

More videos at Todd Bishop’s blog.

On a less humorous, but very interesting note, check out this video of a Microsoft demonstration of an interactive presentation interface, based on touch screens and gestures:

(via Long)

March 23rd, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Humor | no comments

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