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Microsoft Support Apologizing For Embarrassing Spell Checker

Ed Bott found a strange Knowledge Base article on explaining why Word 2003’s spell checker doesn’t recognize certain words, including Friendster and Obama. The article says that Office 2007 does recognize them, but why is it necessary for Microsoft to explain why these words aren’t recognized, when plenty others aren’t? A commenter figured out it is because the corrections Word suggests might be misconstrued:

  • Friendster becomes Fraudster
  • Klum becomes Klux
  • Nazr becomes Nazi
  • Racicot becomes Racist
  • Obama becomes Osama

Covering all their bases, are they?

Something else strange: Read at Boing Boing about the house built in the middle of Microsoft’s Redmond campus.

March 23rd, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Word, Humor, Applications | no comments

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