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On10 Has Exclusive Look at Xbox 360 Elite

On10 Xbox 360 EliteOn10 Xbox 360 Elite Hosted on Zooomr

Video: Xbox 360 Elite

On10 just posted exclusive video of the Xbox 360 Elite. Here’s the excerpt:

While everyone else is talking about it and showing grainy camera phone pictures from undisclosed bunkers, we figured we’d go right to the source and get you an exclusive video. You think you need it, you know you want it, and we have it – the Xbox 360 Elite. I sat down with Albert Penello to get some of your questions answered. Yes, it has HDMI & 120GB hard drive. No, it doesn’t have an HD-DVD player. Yes you can still pull audio separate from the HDMI. No, it isn’t going to be a limited edition. Yes, it’s awesome! Watch the video for more, including what comes in the L337 box.

It’s coming out on April 29 for $479, with a 120-gigabyte hard drive, an HDMI port (for high-end HDTV connections), black finish (including black controller, headset) and an HDMI cable (as well as the traditional composite cables). You will be able to buy the 120-gig drive for $180, and use a migration cable to move over all your data (and then sell the console on eBay).

The hard drive will be preloaded with demoes and videos, but nothing special.

I am uploading the video to Soapbox now, for dissection here (and because On10’s servers are getting hammered).

So, what do we have here? A third version of the Xbox 360, something designed to take steam away from Sony as the PS3 is now available in stores. This has twice the hard drive capacity of the high-end PS3, for $120 less, HDMI for incredible picture on HDTVs, and a nice black finish to distinguish its “Elite” status. Pretty cool. It will look even cooler when the 360 gets its first price drop, which I expect will be just before the holiday season.

Great move by Microsoft.

So, what’s the plan for current 360 owners? If you want to unload your 360 Premium and buy an Elite, what will it cost you?

I don’t know what GameStop’s trade-in value for a used 360 is, but they sell used Core systems for $270, thirty dollars off. If they are buying for $30 less than that, and the same math works for the Premium (and it probably doesn’t, since I’m just guessing), then it would cost you $140 to basically add 100 gigs to your hard drive and HDMI, as well as the black finish.

On eBay, Xbox 360 Premium consoles have sold, brand new, for $240-250. So don’t expect much help there.

What I’m going to do: I have a protection plan with Best Buy on my 360, good for another 14 months. I am going to wait for it to break (it always does, twice already), or maybe just bring it in, and march into Best Buy and ask if I can pay the difference for the better model. If that doesn’t work, I’ll turn over my broken console, get a brand new one (as per the terms of the protection plan) and sell it to a buddy for $10-20 less than retail. Then, I can buy a new 360 Elite for just $100 out of pocket. In theory.

Also, some background: On10 announced it would be having two days of midnight exclusives, with major videos containing exclusive new info coming out today at midnight, and again tonight at midnight. Obviously, they delivered in spades here, so I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring. However, given recent chatter and tonight’s subject, I suspect tomorrow’s video will feature the beta of Halo 3.

Which, if you think about it, is pretty damn good news.

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