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Squashed: Tonight’s Announcements Will Not Be About Halo 3

Just got the word from someone at Microsoft’s On10: Tonight’s On10 exclusive announcement will not be, as I guessed, about the Halo 3 beta. In fact, it won’t be about anything Xbox at all. The quote, right from the horse’s mouth:

Sorry, it has nothing to do with the Xbox platform. :(

That was sent via the handy contact link in the sidebar. Never noticed it? Well, it’s damn convenient if you want to send me a quick message, a hot tip, or send me some product for review. Find a reason and start using it today.

So, if not Xbox-related, what could tonight’s big reveal be about? Games For Windows is surely possible, but given the reveal of so much G4W info recently, I doubt there’s much else there. Same for Windows Mobile, since we just saw Windows Mobile 6 released. Vista is certainly a possibility, maybe some sort of Ultimate Extra, or the much-discussed Fiji update to Vista Media Center. Home Server is also a possibility, given we haven’t heard anything in months.

I’m putting my bets in two areas: Fiji, and Windows Live Core/Drive. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Fiji was unveiled tonight, given it has to be unveiled sometime. However, we’ve heard a thing or two about Windows Live Core lately, and Windows Live Drive was rumored to be announced at CES (and this is supposed to be a CES-caliber announcement), so the first public reveal of Core/Drive would be a big deal.

What do you think it is?

March 28th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Xbox, Xbox 360, Halo, Halo 3 | one comment
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  1. I think it’s too early for Fiji, that looks like a Holiday refresh to me. Given the consumer slant it might be Live Drive - but I think most of the Core Services will be announced at Mix’07 - not on10.
    My money is on a new Zune form factor. Maybe a flash version. There’s a possibility that it could be podcast support in the Zune client, maybe the announcement was waiting for the firmware fix to be released (just came out). Now they are free to talk about new features.

    Comment by Joe | 3/28/2007

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