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Second Major Announcement: Deepfish, New Mobile Web Browser

DeepfishDeepfish Hosted on Zooomr

Video: Deepfish

On10 has revealed their second big scoop, Deepfish.

Deepfish is a browser for mobile devices. It works much like the typical dragging maps tool (like Google Maps or Windows Live Maps), and not like a regular web browser. In doing so, it solves many of the problems of browsing the internet on a small screen. It displays the full web page, shrunken to fit on the width of the phone’s screen. You zoom in, instantly, on the content of the page by pressing your main button, and you can just use your finger to drag around the page.

There’s also a cue map that displays the map of the page, shows you where you are on the page, and lets you jump to any other portion of the page.

I’m almost shocked at how responsive the app is, letting you zoom in instantly, and the dragging around of the page is great. Apple, with an unreleased mobile device, has proven that scroll bars on mobiles suck, and Deepfish is the first great attempt I’ve seen on Windows Mobile to do a scroll bar-less program. I’m hoping they add gestures, since the default zoom is not going to work on so many web pages.

Deepfish is a free download, but it won’t be available forever. Be smart and download it now. Watch the video at On10 (or embedded above) for a look at what this thing can do.

March 29th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General | one comment

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  1. Deepfish is invite-only now. Do you have any invites?

    Comment by CJ Millisock | March 29, 2007

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