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Why Keyboards and Gamepads Suck

Nathan Weinberg is out today. He’ll be back tomorrow night. Till then, here’s a post he wrote yesterday. Yay…

Shawn Hargreaves ran a series on who common input devices suck, a trilogy examining the keyboard, the gamepad, and the mouse (well, not really the mouse, but everything is supposed to be a trilogy for dramatic purposes). What he talks about will give you some interesting talking points at the next big geek dinner (great way to wow the ladies), including how keyboard manufacturers save money and make it impossible to press certain random keys at the same time, and the really cool way XNA manages to keep thumbsticks centered just right.

Also, a hiring department that junks any resume coming from a Hotmail address. Morons. What, do they expect everyone to have an Exchange server or their own domain? Hotmail is incredibly useful.

Also, Windows Live Search had to disable some advanced search operators due to some automated data mining taking advantage of their system. Rumor is they’ll bring them back in a webmaster console that is in development. Cool.

How about: A detailed look at all the little things in the GTA IV trailer.

Okay, I’m outtie. See ya Wednesday night.

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