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Berkowitz Intends To Crack Open The Vault

Todd Bishop posts that Steve Berkowitz, senior VP in charge of Microsoft’s Online Services Group, is saying that he intends to “crack open the vault” of cool stuff created at Microsoft, stuff that never sees the light of day (or is never productized in time to be a smash hit) and bring some amazing things to users. I am so glad to hear that, since it’s something I’ve complained about in the past, that some great stuff at Microsoft never makes it to the user, when it really should.

I’ve heard stories of Microsoft teams that have made great stuff, and then had to approach other Microsofties at trade shows to sell them products! These are products/solutions Microsoft has already invested in, already owns, and could use completely for free, but the people who make it have to go through hell to get it to the people who ship it. Microsoft’s biggest motto lately is “Better Together”, and it looks like Steve is serious about making that happen.

Thank god!

April 16th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Corporate | no comments

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