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Hugh MacLeod’s “Blue Monster” Pumping Up Microsoft


Hugh MacLeod, now working at Microsoft, is featuring a series of stuff around this “Blue Monster“, designed to inspire people at and about Microsoft. I think it’s a great message, and don’t be surprised if you see more of the Blue Monster in the future, at conferences and the like.

Maybe the Blue Monster as a Microsoft mascot? Yeah, he looks kinda mean, but Microsoft needs its balls back.
(via Mark Relph)

April 19th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Corporate | 3 comments
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  1. There’s many things MSFT might lack…but balls has never been one of them.

    Comment by Margaret Leber | 4/19/2007

  2. Got linked back from Hugh:

    Very cool. I’m a big fan of his.

    And Margaret, Microsoft used to have balls, but several governments held it down and tried to neuter it. Whether or not they succeeded will depend on guys like Hugh and the new generation. Certainly the last several years Microsoft has been a very different company, certainly not doing any of the things associated with having “balls”.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | 4/19/2007

  3. Hi Nathan

    thanks for finding Blue Monster and challenging our balls ;) as one of Hugh’s latest cartoons says some of us are “changing the system from the inside”

    stay tuned


    Comment by steve clayton | 4/25/2007

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