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Trade Up To An Xbox 360 Elite

Gamestop has announced an improved trade-in program for the Xbox 360, letting current owners of 360s to upgrade for less by turning in the console they already own. You can get $250 for a Premium 360, $200 for a Core system, or $50 for an original Xbox. Premium owners can basically get a new Elite 360 for $230, Core owners for $280, and Xbox owners for $430.

It’s not a great deal, paying $230 for one hundred gigabytes, HDMI and a black finish, but if you were considering dropping $180 for the bigger hard drive, they know you might consider an extra fifty to go black. Also keep in mind that conflicting reports say you need to actually use the trade-in to buy an Elite, otherwise you don’t get the same cash back.

In other news, the Daily Show and Colbert report are finally on the Xbox Live Marketplace, at the kind of overpriced value of 160 Microsoft Points, or two dollars. Considering that the show has little value after a few days, they should try to drop the price drastically on older episodes. You won’t sell a month-old Daily Show for more than 20 points, and it will help promote the show and sell more new episodes.

Also, Microsoft is offering a $100,000 distribution deal for someone to create a TV pilot that will be produced for Xbox Live. Seems like it’s an experiment to see if they can produce original content to sell to Xbox owners. Good luck, I say.

April 19th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Xbox Live, Xbox 360, Xbox | no comments

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