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SideWindow: Use A PDA As A Second Monitor


Pocket PC Thoughts has a review of a really cool bit of software, Innobec’s SideWindow, which allows you to plug in a PDA to your computer and use it as an external monitor. This is a really cool idea, and as far as I can tell from the review, it works really well, so it can be very useful for many applications. The two I’d like to try out: Putting on the PDA palettes from editing software, like from PhotoShop or Premiere Pro, or putting on it some Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets.

SideWindows is $15 and available at PocketGear.
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Live Search Widget Released For Mac OS X


Microsoft has released a presumably official Windows Live Search Dashboard Widget for Apple’s Mac OS X, meaning they still want Mac users on their search engine. It looks pretty good, although Nik Fletcher’s review notes several UI inconsistencies and annoyances (default language is French, which may mean it was released by a French MS office). Read a deep review with a bunch of screenshots at Nik’s blog.
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For the record, here’s the Windows Live Search Gadget for Windows Vista, as reviewed here:

Seems like the trend in Mac UI design is smaller and simpler, more elegant.

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Names Microsoft Tried Before Silverlight

Microsoft renamed WPF/e to Silverlight last week, coming up with an actual original and semi-catchy brand name, instead of a long hierarchical generic, and good for them. However, Tim Sneath has the “exclusive” of the other ten names Microsoft was considering before it settled on Silverlight, and it’s pretty funny. Check it out.

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Thanks To Everyone

I really want to thank everyone who helped me out in the last week and a half. Read more at InsideGoogle.

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Clippy Tries To Help Karl Rove

If you’re following the latest ridiculous scandal to come out of this country’s ridiculous government, or even if you just find the thought of Clippy the Microsoft Office paperclip pretty funny, you should enjoy this:

I miss Clippy. Is he an easter egg in Office 2007? I just want to see him, one last time, to ask, “Why don’t you do anything useful?”
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Windows Live Spaces Adds All Sorts Of Stuff

LiveSide and the official blog report on all the changes going on at Windows Live Spaces, many of which are designed to turn it into a better social network, including:

  • New home page showing people in your network, things that are happening (like a “news feed”) like new comments, messages, requests. Take a look:

  • A What’s New page with even more info on what your friends are up to, showing who’s updated their Spaces and links to contact cards.
  • Better customization options for messing with the look of your Live Space, including the ability to set any image as your background.

    There are also new themes, a color picker, and the ability to change the fonts. They aren’t going to change Live Spaces into the eyesore that is MySpace, but they are giving users a lot more control over their pages.

  • A Guestbook feature, basically like Walls in Facebook or MySpace, where people can just leave comments on your page.

  • A new Messaging feature, letting you send private messages to people you meet on Live Spaces.

  • More options for Gadgets and Modules, letting you set them to be the width of a column, removing borders, changing titles, multiples of the same Gadget.

  • If you are on someone else’s Space and see a cool module, you can click a + sign to get it on yours.

Also, as LiveSide writes:

  • Improvements to photo management, including a new page for viewing and editing albums on your space, and a new layout for individual photos pages, making it easier and faster to view your photos and see all comments at a glance.
  • Improved Mobile interaction with Spaces, including the ability to see at a glance recent updates and comments on your space, add, delete, view, and browse your friends, and view profile information, all from your mobile device.
  • Book and music lists are improved, and they look better in narrow view
  • Some dev improvements, too: including individual rss feeds for profiles, photo albums, blog categories, top-level directories, friends, and lists; a new set of APIs for sending messages, adding gadgets, and adding modules; and support for one-click customization of gadgets when added to a space.

See more info and more screenshots at the SpaceCraft blog (all the screenshots came from there).

One bad thing about the new changes: All Spaces appear to be broken in Opera, not able to scroll down more than one page. Hopefully they’ll fix that.

In other Spaces stuff, you can add a Twitter Gadget to Spaces:

Install it here, and it works for, too. There’s also a Windows Live Messenger add-in that links your Live Messenger status info and Twitter status. Very cool.

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