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Funny Windows Server Beta 3 Video

Yesterday, Microsoft released beta 3 of Windows Server codename “Longhorn” (which may eventually be released as Windows Server 2007/2008), and with it came this great video explaining how they plan to distribute the operating system:

That’s really amazing. How much you think it cost?
(via Download Squad)

If you are interested in beta testing Windows Server, and not just the video, Robert McLaws has all the links you need.

Worth noting that all three times I tried to upload this video to MSN Soapbox, it failed miserably. Perhaps someone wants to take a look into that?

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Sam’s Club Selling 360 HD-DVD Drive For $72

Word is that some Sam’s Club stores are selling the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive, which normally retails for $200, at the miniscule price of $72.54. The nearly two-thirds markdown is incredible, and supposedly the store in Latham, NY has one, so if you have a Sam’s in your area, check it out. One poster in the Fat Wallet forums says you need to be buying one of the last two drives in the store to get the low low price, since it is a closeout deal.

At this price, you aren’t taking much of a risk if HD-DVD loses the format war. At this point, it looks like HD-DVD drives are outselling Blu-Ray (anybody surprised?), but Blu-Ray disks are outselling Hd-DVD.

April 26th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Xbox 360, Xbox | one comment

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Microsoft Loses Windows Live Search GM

Dane Glasgow, General Manager of Windows Live Search, left the company this week for more philanthropic/personal pursuits, marking another major Windows Live executive to leave recently. The note sent out by Live Search chief Satya Nadella might give a clue as to the timing:

With the Search team’s exit from planning complete, Dane Glasgow has decided to leave Microsoft

Apparently, the Windows Live Search team completed a major phase in their development of the search engine recently. With that work done, I guess it made sense for Dane to leave and bring in someone new more suited to the next stage of Live Search’s growth. Live Search has gotten a lot better in the last six months - year, and I guess it was good enough for them to move in with something else.

As LiveSide notes, Satya also referenced a Fall release, meaning it is possible this next stage runs through then, and that Live Search may see a major update this fall.

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Microsoft Loses Top Brand, Top Website To Google

Microsoft has been pushed out of the top spot for website visitors and brand value by Google. Read about it at InsideGoogle.

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